The Mom Squad Box

I was raised by a hardworking amazing single mom who always wants to help anybody and everybody that she can. When I became a single mom I gained a lot of compassion for other moms and have been looking for ways to support, encourage, empower,  and inspire every mom that I get the chance to meet. And that is my hope for this product. 

Now this box may need some explaining,  it is very similar to a subscription box because I mail them all out at one time and there is a new box every three month. However unlike subscription boxes you aren't actually signing up for anything. And I wont charge your card every 3 months. Because I am a single mom and I know just how hard it can be to put aside money just to spend on yourself. Especially when things break down, kids need new shoes, or another school activity comes up that's going to cost you an arm and a leg. I understand and that's why I am selling this box as a single purchase product that you can come back and buy whenever it works for you.

So my first box is coming out in February 2020 it will be available to buy until February 1st. Then the boxes will be sent out around the 15th and on the day I ship them I will also open up the sale of the May 2020 box. If that makes any sense... :-D