Behind The Name Cleostasia

Cleostasia is a name I created back in 2012 just a month or so after I graduated from high school. At the time it was going to be the name for the main character in a book I had an idea for. However the book never made it's way onto paper and I went off to college in the fall and kind of forgot about the name. 

A little over a year later I got pregnant and decided to drop out of college and move back home to the family farm so my mom could help me raise my daughter. While I was pregnant and playing around with names I considered naming my little girl Cleostasia, but then decided not too because I loved the name and didn't want to put a lot of emotional baggage onto my daughter. Finally, I did decide to name her Ellie.

The first 18 months after my daughter was born was a really hard and dark time for me. I struggled a lot with depression and wanted to straight up run away from my life on the farm  and my daughter. Around the 18th month though I found some of my rough drafts for the book starring Cleostasia and a new idea came to mind. I imagined who Cleostasia could be to me now, and what I saw was incredibly inspiring.

In my head I saw Cleostasia as a 30 something year old version of myself. She had a good job, nice place to live, was happy, and most importantly she was raising Ellie to be an incredible young woman. She was the best version of myself that I could imagine. And I wanted to make this daydream into my reality. But like all good things it takes time, hard work, and a good plan.

So at 22 that's what I did, I made a list of everything I wanted and figured out a realistic plan on how I could get everything on my list. And I started working towards Becoming Cleostasia.

Today I am 26 years old, I bought my house almost 2 years ago, I have an amazing job,  and my favorite part is that my daughter lives with me almost full time,  (Only because Grandma needs her time with Ellie too. :-D).

And a few months ago I started working towards launching this business. My goals for it is to Encourage moms and eventually dads in their daily lives to always have hope for a better tomorrow. I want to Inspire parents to work hard to achieve all of their dreams and goals. After all you can do anything you set your mind too. And finally I want to Empower parents to be their very best self's.