Moms Supporting Other Moms

When I decided to start my business back in October 2019 there were a few things that I knew I wanted to do with my business in general. For instance, I knew that I wanted to work with local women in business to collaborate on projects and products. I knew that I wanted to do the best that I could to buy from wholesale businesses based in the USA. And I also knew that I wanted to sell individual products at a higher rate to help keep my Mom Squad boxes as cheap as possible even if it meant losing money on them because I truly believe that my Mom Squad Box can bring a lot of encouragement, inspiration, and can also empower moms. And that is way more important to me than making a lot of money. And so far I have done pretty well on all of the things I wanted to do. However I feel like I can do better to work with other Women in Business. So this page will be here to sell items for a few crafters that I have come across that haven't decided yet if they are ready to jump head first into starting a full fledged business yet. It will also be here to highlight products from other Ladies already in business to help direct traffic to them as well.